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A whole bunch of commissions/requests I've gotten over the years, along with some rambling committed to a computer file from me.

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So one of the biggest movie questions that's forming is what will the DC movie that's coming out next year be like?  The magic 8 ball I've been looking at is not giving me a good outlook, and here's why.

1. Warner Bros (and by extension DC Comics) can't see past the Kryptonian and Batmobile.  The big 3 of the DC universe are the Kryptonian, the Bat, and the Amazon (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for those not in the know).  However looking at media for them there's a definite imbalance.  If you look at the 1950's there was a Superman live action TV show, the 60's had the Adam West Batman series, the 70's and 80's had the Superfriends series with the Justice League (so we get Wonder Woman), the 70's also had the Linda Carter Wonder Woman series (which sounds like it had some problems of its own), the 90's gave us the Batman and Superman animated series as well as Lois and Clark so live action Superman again, and the 2000's gave us the Justice League and JLU series (so we get Wonder Woman again).  For films there was a movie based on the 60's Batman TV show, then the Burton Bat films in the late 80's and early 90's, the movie with Val Kilmer, the Clooney Bat film which killed those movies for a bit, the Bat-bale films that were recent.  On the Superman side you have the Christopher Reeve movies in the 80's and the new movies that have come out recently.

Do you see a pattern forming here?

Warner Brothers has this wading pool for their ideas that they keep going back to but they're afraid to go much beyond that.  If Wonder Woman shows up in a property odds are other heroes will be there too and her screen time will be reduced overall.  So to have a movie with as many people as are reported and rumored to be in it will mean not much screen time for any of them.

2. DC is playing catch up with Marvel in the movie department, and it will blow up in their faces.  Look at Marvel's list of movies:
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Thor (also showed Hawkeye)
Iron Man 2 (also showed Black Widow)
Captain America

Now here is DC's list of movies:
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

There's no Cyborg stand alone movie, no Wonder Woman stand alone movie, no Aquaman stand alone movie, The Flash had a short lived TV show in the 90's (I think) but he would need a stand alone movie even if the rumor is true and he'll just make a cameo.  Some people outside of comic book fans may know who Wonder Woman is, they might figure out Aquaman's deal, but Cyborg does need a stand alone movie to help explain his story.  The end result is people in the audience will be confused and they won't think it's a good movie.

3. The pile up of characters is a bad thing anyway.  There's a website called The Motley Fool that lists some of the same points I'm making here but the first point they make is that more characters they put into a superhero film, the worse it does.  They pointed to the Batman films between 89 and 97 and the Spider Man films between 02 and 07 and both of them show the same trend (generally).  The best rated Bat film in that time frame was Batman Returns actually, with an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  The best rated Spider film for that time frame was (again) the second movie with a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  The movies with the worst ratings in both of them also had the most characters, although really with both movies there were several problems with the script in both cases.

So there you go, WB is looking at Disney and is getting jealous at their success.  And because of that jealously they're jumping the gun which will kill off this Superman series as well as any DC superhero movie until sometime in the 2020's I suspect.

Also here's the story I read that I based a lot of this off of…

No stamps this time, one of them got put in storage so I gotta work on those.

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Alright you generally do pay attention to the story progress at the end of the journals, do you try to guess who will be featured in each story? 

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